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Sep 28, 2015

Cocktailist: a Whirlwind Tour


9/15: Capstone day 1! Seems good so far except heroku doesn’t want to refresh my latest files, hmmmm. Will have to figure that out.

9/16: Worked on site more:

  • Linked up feeds to entries
  • Make show entry page
  • Add Metadata to feeds
  • Make add new form

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Sep 14, 2015


What does “trello” mean anyway? It definitely doesn’t make me think of collaborative projects and to-do lists. It just sounds like a random onomatopeia (I sounded it out and I am NOT looking it up!). Hence why I figured “TraLaLa” was as good a name as any.

(They probably tell you on the site somewhere. But it wasn’t obvious in the 5-second glance I took. So in terms of branding, you failed Trello! And I’m totally not just extremely lazy!)

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Sep 10, 2015


That totally doesn’t scream “cheap Xanga ripoff” right? I mean, “x” is so 2000. So I just so happen to be talking about my old Xanga this morning (coughwheremytumblrnameisfromcough) and then what do you know, we’re doing a journal app today!

And so it was. It was the first time we were taking a rails project from “rails new” through to the static page, to the js router/views/templates, and it was pretty glorious. All the pieces are coming together, even more so than last Friday with just naked AJAX calls. Now the entire site is one big edit-able asynchronous-able view. I mean, we got to do fancy edit! With input boxes popping up ON THE FLY! Whizzing onto the page practically! I almost got whiplash!

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