September 28, 2015 Log No. 409

Cocktailist: a Whirlwind Tour


9/15: Capstone day 1! Seems good so far except heroku doesn’t want to refresh my latest files, hmmmm. Will have to figure that out.

9/16: Worked on site more:

  • Linked up feeds to entries
  • Make show entry page
  • Add Metadata to feeds
  • Make add new form

9/17: Unsurprisingly, continued to work on site. Things I did today:

  • finish new cocktail form logic (liquors, bars dropdowns and input forms)
  • make ratings MVC in Rails and Backbone and implement the logic
  • format dates and time zone (it was bothering me wayyyy more than it should have)

Things I will focus on tomorrow:

  • third party resources like image upload and omniauth
  • move user/session logic to Backbone (maybe? Who browses Goodreads without an account? Not me! The lists are the most important part!)
  • set up some polymorphic association between feed items and their respective items (ratings, cocktails, later lists)–didn’t think about this at first but reseting the database and having to manually populate feed, or deleting and having to manually delete from feed, is such a pain

9/20: The work continues:

  • Forms are more robust for user input
  • Integrated amazon s3 and paperclip
  • Implemented ratings
  • Started working on the #browse page
  • Minor cosmetic changes (pretty much implied I will always be making those, ha)

9/21: The backbone beatings will continue until morale improves:

  • moved site to Backbone authorization (so certain elements can be selectively displayed based on login status)
  • redesigned login/user creation slightly to account for this
  • moved rating function to Backbone side
  • started working on user lists

9/22: today I got a lot done:

  • got some minor cosmetic scrolling fixes done
  • implemented create/destroy list functionality
  • implemented add to list from cocktails#show page functionality

tomorrow, listitem edit/delete, category browse, and search.

9/23: crunch time:
today did:

  • user list functionality
  • category browse/filter views
  • data entry (yeaaaaa)
  • small bug fixes as I saw them

Tomorrow (really today at this point):

  • omniauth with fb
  • pagination/infinite scroll of feed and category browse pages, possibly ratings
  • search if I have the time
  • but also small additional UX things I’ve noticed

9/24: 1am at aA! did all of what I said I was going to do yesterday (which was actually really this morning at 3am). Site’s now at Still some small things to try to get in tomorrow before the presentation. Churning alongggggg

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