October 21, 2015 Log No. 550

The Cake Was Not a Lie!

But I am still alive! Still chugging!

In the past month (!), obviously fell a little out of the habit of daily posts on minutiae, but that’s not to say things weren’t getting done. Now cocktailist.club has Google Maps/Places info thanks to the (very straightforward) API, and discoverit.arielity.net is up-to-speed as a single-page Backbone/Rails app.

At this point, I’m considering trying to implement some React, just to get a feel for newer frameworks, though I hear that React is mostly just V(iew) as opposed to MVC. On one hand–great, no more trying to figure out when something is fetched and to re-render! On the other, sounds like less hands-on control of the system? Ah, the usual trade-off.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, saw The Martian today. Having read the book, can empathize with people who said a decent amount got changed/cut, but overall thought they did a good job condensing a relatively nerd-fact-packed book into a mainstream movie. Also Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors so there is that. (Great Watney!)

There is just one thing I really couldn’t get over though: Mindy Park was always obviously a Korean name to me…not really Mackenzie Davis. You may ask “what about the obvious change of Venkat to Vincent?” but I heard that was because of scheduling conflicts with the original Indian actor, so I give them credit for trying at least. And at least they changed his name a little. But…Mindy Park…I mean…come on!

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