September 14, 2015 Log No. 403


What does “trello” mean anyway? It definitely doesn’t make me think of collaborative projects and to-do lists. It just sounds like a random onomatopeia (I sounded it out and I am NOT looking it up!). Hence why I figured “TraLaLa” was as good a name as any.

(They probably tell you on the site somewhere. But it wasn’t obvious in the 5-second glance I took. So in terms of branding, you failed Trello! And I’m totally not just extremely lazy!)

In case it wasn’t immediately apparent, we started making a Trello Clone in class. Pair programming is somehow already over (I thought it was going to be SO WEIRD going into it but you know what, programming quietly next to each other is now the weird bit; I’m suddenly aware of how loudly I smack the keys. I wonder if anyone else has noticed) so it’s just me plodding along now. Getting by on the “course instructions” (“type rails new. open atom. ok now make trello. congrats you are done”) is a little trial and error, but that’s the best way to learn in a meaningful way. I got my basic projects/lists views up, though I do still have to debug some spotty fetches. First thing tomorrow after assessment!

Also it’s interesting seeing how others in class are navigating the project; people’s priorities and preferences are starting to come out. And it’s really going to become apparent now that capstone projects are taking off! At this point, right before the precipice, so to speak, the workload seems a bit overwhelming, but I just have to remember to take it one day at a time. As with life, right?

(Yeah I am super deep, like ocean-level.)

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