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Jul 19, 2016

(Short Term) Funemployed!

So here I am, with my first software dev position behind me and a 2-week respite before starting at my next one. How time flies! Although I will admit that 8 months at my first gig was a little on the short side, but circumstances changed quite dramatically and it seemed best to move on. Def learned a ton though and formed some good relationships, which is all one can really ask for, right?

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Jul 5, 2016

Do You Even CSS Bro?

Apparently I don’t. Because while I pride myself on having a long and relatively uncontentious (I actually like it!) history with CSS, and an above-average (if I do say so myself) knowledge of selectors and props, I never thought about efficiency. Til I came across this article:

Writing Efficient CSS
(written in 2000. So when I was 10. Wish I’d come across it then…)

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