July 19, 2016 Log No. 740

(Short Term) Funemployed!

So here I am, with my first software dev position behind me and a 2-week respite before starting at my next one. How time flies! Although I will admit that 8 months at my first gig was a little on the short side, but circumstances changed quite dramatically and it seemed best to move on. Def learned a ton though and formed some good relationships, which is all one can really ask for, right?

Pretty excited to start at my next place though: the people seem super experienced and, even more importantly, very relatable and friendly, and the work will be on a very large-scale consumer application that’s super high visibility, with some big projects coming up. I’m looking forward to broadening my horizons a bit and working on more full-stack skills–pumped to learn more about node.js.

Only thing I was slightly apprehensive about was going back to work at a bank, even though it’s almost entirely a retail bank, my role is entirely technical, and the people I’m working with didn’t come from bank/finance backgrounds. Honestly it’s 100% a consumer application role, not bank-y at all. But still, I couldn’t help but think that when other people heard about it (which is not a real point that one should even consider when debating job offers, but I couldn’t help it!), they’d be like, “Oh, she’s back at a bank?” But thankfully at the end people talked me out of thinking about it that way–really, you should just consider the work, the people, and the comp, not the fact that the company has “Bank” in the title.

What’ll I do with this small block of free time…? Unfortunately a little short notice to really go on a trip anywhere (and I’m not big on traveling alone). I think this’ll be a good time to catch up on games, books, and also make progress on some of my site features. Gonna try to set the rating sliders up on cocktailist, first and foremost. I’m saying that here so that I can hold myself accountable at the end of next week, if I don’t get anything done, aha. And I should prob brush up on ES6 and maybe some node, so I can hit the ground jogging, if not running. Can’t slack off too much!

P.S. Just a little bummed my Github contributions went down after getting removed from my old employer’s repos. :c It seems my contributions got collapsed into 1-2 per day, when previously there were 3-6. Only 522 now!

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