September 18, 2022 Log No. 1030

2022 Keyboard Family Photo

Brief house update: the contractors have started! Actually they started 3 weeks ago, and given the project is meant to be 3-4 months long, that implies they’re ~20% of the way done? It seems like most of the large demo is complete (relative to other renovations though, ours doesn’t have a ton of demo) and they’re starting on electrical and plumbing in earnest now. We’re about to start the wood stripping too. I’m taking lots of pictures along the way but I think I’ll wait til the process is wrapping up to comment in more detail about it; it’ll be easier to get an idea of the major milestones after the fact.

Back to the REAL reason for this post: 2022 keyboard family picture! After being in this “hobby” for 2.5 yrs now (it’s even documented in here–I started back in April or May 2020), I apparently own 12 keyboards. 10 pictured here, 2 are at work so pictured at time of build:

2022 keyboard family photo!

10 keyboards and 2 macropads

Left column:

  • KBDFans Odin in blue with MT3 Serika + BoW numpad, Box Jade switches
  • GMMK Pro in e-white with KAT Iron, Glorious Panda switches
  • ID80 Crystal in clear with DSA Magic Girl Dark, Crystal Box Jade + Crystal Box Navy switches
  • Mark65 in black with SA Oblivion, NK Blueberry switches
  • QK65 in dark green with SA Jadeite, Gatetron Ink Kangaroo switches

Right column:

  • NK87 Aluminum in purple with MT3 Cyber, Gatetron Ink Kangaroo switches
  • ID87 in silver with GMK Pixel, Box Burnt Orange switches
  • Evo70 in black with MT3 WoB + BoW + Susuwatari (“MT3 Metaverse”), Gatetron Ink Kangaroo switches (I got 270 of them in a NK Mystery Switch hence all the keyboards with them)
  • Ikki68 Aurora R2 in pink with SA Bliss, Crystal Box Jade + Crystal Box Navy switches (using it right now!)
  • Drop Carina (with a copper plate you can see poking through) with DSA Milkshake, Crystal Box Royal switches

Small third column:

  • Ungodly Design Launchpad in blue with SA Dreameater, Crystal Box Royal switches
  • Aliexpress 9-key Macropad with SA Oblivion, Box Jade switches

Not included as they are in my work drawer:

Mode65 in black/titanium combo with KAT Cyberspace and Drop Holy Panda X switches:

Mode65 with KAT Cyberspace

Titanium backpiece and black case. Also have a maroon top case and copper back piece to switch out.

Zoom65 in navy with SA Dreameater and Silent Browns which are pretty mushy and unsatisfying–but they are quiet:

Zoom65 with SA Dreameater

This thing is HEAVY. It’s actually pretty silly of me to bring one of the least portable keyboards to work.

I still have 2 more keyboards (both 65%s) coming in too, prob in the next couple of months. Also a lot of keycaps sets I’ve ordered in the last 2 yrs are FINALLY trickling in now. After that I’ll have 14 total keyboards and an unknown number of keycap sets, which even I can see is a bit extra, haha. Definitely should not be getting any more 65%s, which seem to be almost every group buy these days…

…Let’s see what the keyboard family photo looks like in 2023.

Edited to add: I was just looking back at my first mention of keyboards on here (Quarantine Hobbies Pt 2: Ariel) and at the very bottom I say:

I have 1 more keyboard coming–a standard TenKeyless layout with hotswap sockets–but I want to draw the line there, as I don’t want to be someone with 10+ keyboards I don’t use.

…<.< >.>
For what it’s worth, I actually canceled that TKL (think it was from Kono), otherwise I’d currently have 13 keyboards. <.< >.>

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