February 14, 2022 Log No. 1018

The Start of a (Very Expensive) New Journey

Well, after 4 years of very strongly desiring a townhome, the dream has happened! (Sidenote: “the dream” is something that just suddenly popped up in 2018 sometime–not sure what spurred it, but now I can’t remember the feeling of ever NOT wanting a townhome.) We recently closed on a rowhouse! Huzzah!

But also…uh-oh. Because this is going to be the start of a very expensive undertaking, since the house requires some reconfiguration–though not a gut!–in addition to the brave new world of property maintenance. It’s actually kinda crazy that the closing and downpayment may not–very likely will not–be the most expensive expenses this year; the renovation costs will be. And this is for a relatively narrowly-scoped (by townhome terms, at least) project. Not to say I didn’t technically know this, going into this commitment…but there’s a big step between conceptually accepting it and actually spending the money. Haha. Ha.

This will undoubtedly be our big project of the year. This will replace all of my hobbies. I’m hopeful–I have to be–that this will be super worth it when it’s done but…that time seems a ways off. It’ll be a good learning experience for sure though. I’ll try to document at least some of it. For instance, this past weekend, we started off with baby steps: we bought our first snow shovel. And shears! Definitely not concerns I had in an apartment.

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