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May 14, 2016

Cross-Origin HTTP Requests, Y U Do Dis

So recently (or actually, not that recently now that this soon-to-be-explained saga has dragged on), I came up with a rather innocuous idea for my site Discoverit. The color scheme was a bit drab, but instead of just reskinning it myself, why not pull in a random color palette from one of the big palette sites on a user’s initial load and use that per session? Well, there were certainly details to figure out, but it didn’t sound impossible to do, so yeah, why not?

First things first: figure out how to make an api request and pull out the colors I wanted to use.

Which is where I ran into my first problem.

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Apr 17, 2016

Directives, Transclusion, and Scoping, Oh My

Recently I had to learn some Angular to work on (and eventually build a scaled-down demo of) a work project. Having done most of my prior projects in Backbone and with most of my current focus on React, the Angular angle (heh heh) was a bit of uncharted territory. Nevertheless, always fun to learn something new, right?

Well, kinda.
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Dec 6, 2015

Interview Prep Resources

Now that my job hunt is over (and in fact I’ve been working for a week already!!!), I figure I should organize/share some of the helpful resources I accumulated over the course of interview prepping. There’s tons of lists like this out there but never hurts to add some more, and these are the ones that I have determined as most helpful (for me at least). A caveat is that there is a very strong focus on front-end stuff since that was what I was mostly interviewing for. So without further ado:
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