December 6, 2015 Log No. 597

Interview Prep Resources

Now that my job hunt is over (and in fact I’ve been working for a week already!!!), I figure I should organize/share some of the helpful resources I accumulated over the course of interview prepping. There’s tons of lists like this out there but never hurts to add some more, and these are the ones that I have determined as most helpful (for me at least). A caveat is that there is a very strong focus on front-end stuff since that was what I was mostly interviewing for. So without further ado:



  • HTML5 Canvas Game: A very helpful tutorial to walk you through making a sprite game in Canvas, using best practices like overlaid canvases, a store for repeated elements, and dirty rectangles.
  • Canvas Game Bootstrap Repo: Another good game tut repo (there’s an affiliated writeup)
  • HTML5 Rocks Tutorials: A site with a large number of tutorials that cover most of the new features of HTML5.
  • Intro to CSS3 3D Transforms: Transforms being one of CSS3’s most powerful new features, but also one of the least intuitive (at least for me). A very comprehensive site on how to make them work.


  • Front-end Developer Interview Questions: Covers JS, HTML, CSS, and some more general topics like Testing, Network, etc.
  • Technical Interview Cheat Sheet: A good quick overview of data structures, basic sorts, et al–you know, all the stuff you learn in CS 101 in college and never spend too much time thinking about again, until you’re back on the interview circuit.

Will update the list as I remember more places, but these links were pretty good to get me refreshed.

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