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May 2, 2016


Another Murakami aside:

“It’s delish,” she said.

What?! When did this early 90s librarian lady get replaced by a millenial?!?

Just completely broke my immersion.

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Nov 4, 2015

The Grand Canyon and Beyond: a Pictorial Odyssey

Recently I went on a 3-day trip with my family through the American Southwest, from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley to Antelope Canyon. I don’t think I had been on a family trip with them since I graduated college so I guess it was overdue. But this time I decided to bring a special companion. Without further ado, a pictorial odyssey:
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Sep 28, 2015

Cocktailist: a Whirlwind Tour

Tl;dr: http://cocktailist.club

9/15: Capstone day 1! Seems good so far except heroku doesn’t want to refresh my latest files, hmmmm. Will have to figure that out. http://cocktailist.herokuapp.com

9/16: Worked on site more:

  • Linked up feeds to entries
  • Make show entry page
  • Add Metadata to feeds
  • Make add new form

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