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Dec 6, 2015

Interview Prep Resources

Now that my job hunt is over (and in fact I’ve been working for a week already!!!), I figure I should organize/share some of the helpful resources I accumulated over the course of interview prepping. There’s tons of lists like this out there but never hurts to add some more, and these are the ones that I have determined as most helpful (for me at least). A caveat is that there is a very strong focus on front-end stuff since that was what I was mostly interviewing for. So without further ado:
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Sep 28, 2015

Cocktailist: a Whirlwind Tour


9/15: Capstone day 1! Seems good so far except heroku doesn’t want to refresh my latest files, hmmmm. Will have to figure that out.

9/16: Worked on site more:

  • Linked up feeds to entries
  • Make show entry page
  • Add Metadata to feeds
  • Make add new form

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Aug 29, 2015

So there’s a Q and a Stack…

Well that would explain a lot about Javascript, aha. Today was characterized by trying to debug the same issue for an hour or so, and then learning about this fundamental structure. “But wait, why doesn’t it ever stop for input?! Javascript sucks!” Ok, in this case, PEBCAK.

So I guess I better get used to deeply nested function calls in these server-side scripts where user input is involved. But looking at tomorrow’s reading materials, client-side stuff has handlers and more natural asynchronous treatment, so I am looking forward to that. Although not so sure I’ll be as big a fan of JS’s “prototype inheritance.”

Also spent some time this weekend developing DiscoverIt more. Got it up at Slowly chugging along on that.