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Jun 19, 2016

Repost Repository

Discoverit is no more! But hold your tears, it has been reborn as Repost Repository! I know, I know, what a name. It came to me in a dream–or more accurately, as I was sitting around this afternoon. I mean, it is all just reposts from Reddit anyway–basically my private funny gif and meme gallery.

Repost Repository

New name, new theme

More details…

Jun 9, 2016

Recent New Features

I’ve been pretty busy adding new features to my project sites, Discoverit and Cocktailist. I think they’re pretty neat, here’s a quick rundown:

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May 14, 2016

Cross-Origin HTTP Requests, Y U Do Dis

So recently (or actually, not that recently now that this soon-to-be-explained saga has dragged on), I came up with a rather innocuous idea for my site Discoverit. The color scheme was a bit drab, but instead of just reskinning it myself, why not pull in a random color palette from one of the big palette sites on a user’s initial load and use that per session? Well, there were certainly details to figure out, but it didn’t sound impossible to do, so yeah, why not?

First things first: figure out how to make an api request and pull out the colors I wanted to use.

Which is where I ran into my first problem.

More details…

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