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Mar 5, 2017

Do-It-Myself: Light Fixture Upgrade

New year, new light fixtures! Or so I thought. I bought new fixtures for the apartment, but the dining room one seemed a little bit…plain. I’d never really considered myself a DIY kinda person before (at least, not for real life things…) but I thought there was a chance I could do something to spruce them up. Here is the journey:

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Sep 20, 2016


Somewhat of a random aside, but this is what I’ve been receiving with my Barnes and Nobles orders these days (yes I order books, long live physical text!):

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Jun 15, 2015

Lamenting the Loss of the Right Click

Finally bought a Macbook Pro since this is apparently THE THING to use. The learning curve is much steeper than I anticipated though–couldn’t they at least have put the command button in the same place as the Ctrl on a PC?! It took me at least 3 minutes the first time I wanted to copy and paste something. I feel like senior citizens find this system more intuitive than me.
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