August 23, 2020 Log No. 976

Quarantine Hobbies Pt. 3: Niku

Quarantine has really been a great time for Niku to develop his hobbies. Well, to be honest, I can only guess what his prior hobbies were because I wasn’t around literally all day to watch him as I am now, but I imagine Niku is a very worldly cat with many interests. Thanks to work-from-home in effect, I can now witness them first-hand:

Niku sleeping on the windowsill

Niku enjoys the occasional nap

Niku sleeping on the couch

But he’s very unpredictable and sometimes will also sleep on the couch

Niku sleeping on rug

But just when you think you have him figured out, he’ll sleep on the rug

Niku sleeping on the floor

Or try to imitate a rug himself, while sleeping, of course.

Niku sleeping in cat pose

That can’t be comfortable, can it?

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