May 3, 2020 Log No. 892

Quarantine Hobbies Pt 1: Frank

We’re actually using the kitchen now. Or rather, Frank is using it such that 6.5/7 of our meals don’t come from takeout anymore. Some highlights:


We tried jjapaguri, or “ramdon” as it was named in Parasite. Verdict: not that great.

Spam-fried Rice

Spam fried rice. First had this in Hawaii and has been love ever since.

Pork with Peppers

Pork with peppers. Took him a couple tries to get the marinade and spice level right but he nailed it

Chicken with broccoli

Chicken with broccoli. Way better than any takeout place.

Mapo tofu

Mapo tofu. For his first try at making Sichuan food, it came out pretty good! At least the oil content was definitely there, lol.

Okay granted his food doesn’t look too great but it tastes pretty great. My contribution: washing the dishes.

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