December 31, 2016 Log No. 787

Cat. Cat. Cat.

…So after that “Cleo-cat-tra” post, is it any surprise that I got a cat?

But to be fair, I wanted a cat for a while. I’ve never had a free-roaming furry friend before! And now I have Niku:


Cat. Cat. Cat.

(We–boyfriend and I–named him “beef” because he is black and white like a cow. We like to think of ourselves as pretty straightforward people.)

To be honest, even though I objectively know that cats are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs, it’s still more work than I expected on a daily basis. Shoveling litter, feeding at regular times (significantly curtailing sleep-in time!), limited use of furniture and keyboards at oftentimes inopportune moments…so this is what it’s like to have an independently-minded dependent? And I’m pretty sure I’ve spent over $500 in the past month (we’ve only had him for a month…) buying all the kitty things. Sometimes I feel like voluntarily adopting a pet is a completely irrational decision. It’s like, “Man I have too much time and money. Better find something to spend it on!”

Aww, but he’s so floofy though. (He’s not fat! It’s all floof! I strictly adhere to the vet’s daily dietary limit and the calculations are all up on the fridge. I’m a responsible pet parent!)

But something I do struggle with is that all cats, no matter how sweet and docile they may naturally be, will always have that incurable 1% insanity. One minute you’re playing with your cat and he’s all *trill trill* (that’s the sound Niku makes, all his noises sound weirdly confused parrot-like) and the next it seems he’s had enough of your bs. Or worse, you’re not doing anything cat-related at all and he suddenly decides your leg looks meaty. Why???? Why Niku??!? But I know there is no why. He’s just been possessed by the insane cat-spirit. Yet it’s still hard for my human brain to come to terms with. I can’t but always feel a little on edge, looking for the next inexplicable paw swat.

And now it’s the last day of 2016. Niku and I look on towards 2017! (So many litter cleanings to look forward to…)

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