May 31, 2016 Log No. 658

Show Idea: Real Housewives of China

But not Shanghai or Beijing–pick a 2nd or 3rd tier city like Wuhan or Changsha. (What up hometown!) It will be filled with gems such as:

  • Clothing and accessories with inappropriate or nonsensical English on them
  • “My mother makes the best dumplings.” “No, your mother? My mother!” -drama-
  • Random English phrases littered throughout.
  • “My son is top of his class in elementary school right now. The teacher says he’s never seen anything like it. He may be a genius.”
  • A lot of visits to the nail and hair salon. That’s pretty much the same as its Western counterpart.
  • “I got these straight from America; my sister sends them to me.” -smug look-
  • Aggressive haggling.
  • “Oh no you brought mapo tofu to the potluck??? I brought mapo tofu!”

I think it could be big.

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