July 15, 2015 Log No. 285

Onto Something New…

Well, it’s happened. I have officially given my notice of leave from my first job, after 4 years. I’m still going to stay on for the next two weeks to help with the transition but it’s such a weird feeling now–kinda in limbo, being included yet excluded at the same time.

I’m still expected (and fully willing!) to do work, so it almost feels normal sometimes, but when they talk about things a month out or so, that obviously has no relevance to me anymore. Which sort of makes me sad, but I have to remind myself that I am moving on of my own choice and (hopefully) onto something more meaningful to me in the long term.

Of course now I sometimes have my doubts, but it’s always like that with a big decision, right? What if? Maybe? But there’s never an absolutely optimal time to call these things; sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. I think my rationale is sound, and god knows I’ve been through it a million times, but it’s still a very drastic decision and you never really know for sure. It’s what I call a “calculated risk.” Here’s hoping it works out!

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