June 15, 2015 Log No. 272

Lamenting the Loss of the Right Click

Finally bought a Macbook Pro since this is apparently THE THING to use. The learning curve is much steeper than I anticipated though–couldn’t they at least have put the command button in the same place as the Ctrl on a PC?! It took me at least 3 minutes the first time I wanted to copy and paste something. I feel like senior citizens find this system more intuitive than me.

What’s the deal with the pictures to represent the different keys for the shortcuts? Why is alt/option the weird slash symbol and shift the up arrow? (Ok I can kinda figure the last one out, but the first couple of days I tried vainly to swipe upwards on the touchpad, thinking it was some kind of arcane swipe+key press shortcut I just wasn’t elegant enough to execute.) And I already forgot what the symbol for Control was so let’s just hope I never need to use that key ever again.

And of course, the one gigantic touchpad/button amalgamation. I still phantom “click” the left mouse button at the bottom left of the trackpad, and then wonder why my mouse suddenly teleported to the bottom part of my screen. And right click!!! Right now my technique is a clumsy 2-handed Command + click. Perhaps in time I will master the one-handed two-finger coordinated gesture? I can only dream. Seriously, how do people get used to this…

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