April 17, 2015 Log No. 266

Self Revelation

So I finally figured it out: for better or worse, I’m a problem solver, not a strategist. So when presented with a concrete problem, I apply myself to finding a solution and executing it…but with just some sort of nebulous goal, I feel unmotivated and kinda flounder. That’s why I’m not good at playing Starcraft. That’s why I’m not an academic. And that’s why (well, one of the reasons) why I’m not doing great at my current job. Strategizing just doesn’t hold my focus.

Rather, I’m the kind of person who makes lists and loves checking things off. I like tangible problems, solutions, open-and-shut. When I’m done with something, I like to consider it pretty much done. I don’t like half-formulated requests that have subjective answers that’ll hover at the back of my mind even when others have moved on. No. Done is done is done.

Just something I realized. Things make so much more sense now.

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