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Hey, I’m Ariel,

a web developer who’s done work in Angular, Node, and Rails–just to pick a few–based in New York City.

I first learned HTML from one of those “Teach Yourself!” books in the summer of 2003 and thought “oh this is kinda cool.” Then I started picking apart sites, noticed these things called “stylesheets,” and thought “oh this is REALLY cool.” Cue 5 years as an avid web design hobbyist. Then I double majored in Finance and Computer Science. Then I had a stint trading mortgage-backed derivatives. And now, I’m working as a dev!

I’m always looking for cool new projects and opportunities, so definitely drop me a line if you have anything in mind.

The Site

Arielity.net has been around since 2006, and has housed many different incarnations of my “work”–graphics site, portfolio site, blog, etc–until I decided to lump them all under 1 roof. I actually came up with this current layout and did most of the coding back in spring of 2011, but then it sat on my local drive, moldering away, until 2015. Decided to brush it off, finish it up, and have it see the light of day.

Fonts are Georgia, Cambria, and Franklin Gothic Book.

Icons on this page for email, Github, and LinkedIn are from Flaticon.