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Uh...wow. I think I sort of kicked ass with this layout. It's got so much detail it could be my site layout. (I'm almost tempted...) Every bit of text is fully customizable, including the title. This layout's a pretty piece of CSS, let me tell you. Or ugly, depending on how you look at it. And the image is Victoria Frances's Favole.

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Yours, Ariel


I'm just giving you this box in case you want to break the monotony of all the pretty ones. Use it for notes or whatever that doesn't warrant a pretty box.

This layout uses an external stylesheet, and is recommended for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera at 800x600 resolution or higher.

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  • Once you download the .zip file, you need to extract it using a program like WinZip.
  • There should be an index.html file in the main directory, a .css file, and a folder for images
  • Open up the index.html file, and open the source in Notepad or another text editing program (usually you can right click and in the menu that appears, 'View Source' for IE and 'View Page Source' for Firefox)
  • Edit the source according to the comments, which are anything within a !-- bracketed statement
  • Save the file in the same place, with the same name
  • That's it! Any additional pages follow the same format as this page. Of course, if you encounter difficulties while following my instructions, feel free to e-mail me.



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Credits are a MUST. You're looking at two days' work, adding up to almost 40 some hours here. (I slept 7 hours.) Credits in the sidebar; credits in the footer. Or else.