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Apr 15, 2015

Bedding Color Schemes

I’m ashamed to say I spent an ungodly amount of time today contemplating and researching bedding color schemes. I’ve had the same set for a few years–the Ikea showroom scheme, rather inspired for them actually! as shown in the following pic:

kvist sheet set

ikea showroom sheet combo

But a couple weeks ago, I bought a new duvet cover from Society 6. Yet it was wrong with the gray sheets! ALL WRONG! So i saw what I had to do. More details…

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Feb 10, 2015

A Few Neat Things

Wow it’s been awhile. This is just a test for the Interesting category. A few cool things I saw recently:

Hale Dreamer Dock for Android: awesome dock that almost makes any Android phone into a fully functional alarm clock (with the all-important snooze button!).

dock in action

dock in action

More details…